Welcome to Advancing Alternatives

At Advancing Alternatives, we’ve been serving the greenhouse and dairy industries since 1997. Greenhouse growers have long benefited from the natural (passive) ventilation that our systems and products provide. Our Roll Lock curtain systems and associated products complement any Horticultural/Agricultural structure, whether it is a straight or curved profile. We provide systems that are manual or motorized and automated. As the needs of growers and farmers have grown and changed, so have we. Today, as always, our offerings are being developed and expanded in order to be exceedingly responsive to our valued customers.

A greenhouse is designed to enhance that which flourishes in nature's garden. At Advancing Alternatives we promote the use of nature to enhance the greenhouse environment. Our approach… the use of natural breezes and sunlight to promote the healthiest, most energy-efficient greenhouse operation. Our systems and products are designed with that vision. The splendor of nature is not only the desired ultimate outcome, it's the best way to achieve it.

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