Greenhouse aluminum profiles are the bedrock of Advancing Alternatives history in the greenhouse industry.  Are you building a new greenhouse or retrofitting an existing greenhouse? Our wire lock, roll bar, roll lock and polycarbonate-transition aluminum profiles give you the strength and utility that you are looking for. Our innovative aluminum profiles have been designed with both the grower and installer in mind.

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6 Foot Side Clasp Greenhouse Curtain Roll Bar

6 Foot Side Clasp Greenhouse Curtain Roll Bar. Aluminum, 2″ OD roll bar.  This profile is designed for attaching curtain

6 Foot Greenhouse Curtain Roll Lock

6 Foot Aluminum Greenhouse Curtain Roll Lock length, for locking your greenhouse curtain roll bar in the closed position.  Our

Greenhouse Curtain Roof Roll Lock

6 Foot Greenhouse Curtain Roof Roll Lock, posi-clasp aluminum profile for locking your rolling greenhouse roof curtain in the closed

6 Foot Roll Bar Cap

6 Foot Roll Bar Cap, is an aluminum profile that allows you to attach greenhouse poly to a 1.315″ or

6 Foot Aluminum H Channel for 8mm Polycarbonate

6 Foot Aluminum H Channel for Polycarbonate sheets. This aluminum profile is made for transition between adjoining 8mm polycarbonate structural

6 Foot End Cap for 8mm Polycarbonate Sheets

6 Foot Aluminum End Cap for Polycarbonate Sheets, for 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate structural sheeting. Use in your greenhouse around doors,

End Wall Greenhouse 8mm Poly Lock

End Wall Greenhouse Poly Lock extrusion, designed to cover the top edge of polycarbonate on greenhouse and high tunnel end