For over 20 years, we have been serving the North American commercial greenhouse and horticulture industries. Our specialties include; Touchscreen Environmental Controls, Rack & Pinion Motors, Curtain Motors, Natural Ventilation, and Heating. Our innovative rolling, thermally sealed, natural ventilation curtain systems and associated products complement any horticultural/agricultural structure. As the needs of growers and farmers have grown and changed, so have we. Today, as always, our offerings are being developed, expanded and advanced to new applications so we can be exceedingly responsive to our valued customers.

From our popular Roll Lock Curtain system to our Rack & Pinion Systems, we promote the use of nature’s sunlight and breezes allowing our customers to realize healthier, and more energy-efficient, greenhouse operations.

We now provide touchscreen control systems; from our simple all-in-one AegisTEC to our AegisTEC+, our newest controller, that can operate over 60 assets. Whether you have a small high tunnel or an expansive range, let us help you create your perfect environment. In addition, we offer our 24 VDC motors for roll-up curtains and rack & pinion systems. These motors are rugged enough to withstand the rigorous use of commercial growing. In addition to these items, we offer fans, louvers, heaters, HAF fans; and other items that allow our valued customers to achieve the perfect environment.

In addition, our technicians are prepared to assist in the development of custom solutions based on specific greenhouse needs. Since we appreciate responsive customer service when we are in your shoes, our motto is – “treat customers as you expect to be treated.”

We realize the success of our company relies highly on the way we service the needs of our customers; therefore, we desire to do business the “right” way – with fairness and empathy and ask the same of our employees. We look forward to serving your needs; please contact us to see how we can help you.

Core Values