Your source for high quality greenhouse hardware.  We offer Teks screws, eye bolts, eye screws, strap clamps and all the specialty items needed to build your greenhouse.

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Guide Pipe Swivel Bracket Assembly

The Guide Pipe Swivel Bracket Assembly includes swivel bracket, 1.3″ adapter, 2.5″ socket bolt, four #14×1 teks, 1/4″ x 1.75″

Tek Screw

Tek screws with hex washer head, 410 stainless steel

Open/Closed Eye Bolt for Greenhouses

Open/closed eye bolt options for various uses in your greenhouse. Whether it’s for hanging guide pipe or threading wind rope

L Bracket for Greenhouse Construction

“L” Bracket, 3″ Wide x 2″ leg x 2″ leg x 1/8″ thick used for greenhouse construction

Strapping Clamp 50mm pipe to 2″ scrb

Strapping clamp assembly 2 pc. for 50 mm pipe to 2″ scrb, special order for haygrove