We are your home for greenhouse wind control products. EZsnap is a simple wind rope hook that was first introduced by Advancing Alternatives. It locks into most wire lock channels without the need to puncture holes through the wire lock or poly, eliminating water drips at the top of your roll up curtain.

We also carry strapping, wind rope and other wind related products that are innovative and easy to install.

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Greenhouse Wind Strap

Greenhouse Wind Strap Webbing, polyester 2″ 5000 lb. strength rating. 300 linear feet of remnant seat belt material, not all rolls

Greenhouse Wind Control Strap Tensioner

Save money by protecting your greenhouse poly from wind damage with our greenhouse wind control strap tensioner. Includes Winch (strap

Wind Control Strap Bracket

Wind control strap bracket for light deprivation applications – includes bracket and attachment hardware.  Attaches to ground post for attaching

Greenhouse Curtain Seal Brush 8′

Prevent energy loss with our greenhouse curtain seal brush 8′. Use our wind seal brush for greenhouse wind control to

Ezsnap Rope Hook

EZsnap rope hook for 1/4″ rope Aluminum construction Inserts into Wire Lock channel Mounts to other surfaces via screw or