Advancing Alternatives offers reinforced woven poly and fabrics for ventilation curtains that are designed to improve strength and light transmission. Our clear covers provide more direct sunlight (compared to the matte finish of other woven polys), while still diffusing approximately 30 percent total light. Total light transmission is 87 percent, which is comparable to most greenhouse covers that are not reinforced.

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Blackout Perimeter Seal Curtain (Per Foot)

Reinforced Black Out Vinyl, 9.5 oz, 9 mil, 9×9 weave, 6′ wide – sold by linear feet – fabric is

8mil, 6.75′ Wide Light Dep Blackout Curtain (Foot Price)

Light Dep Blackout Curtain 8mil reinforced polyethylene – 6.75′ – black/white light deprivation cover.  Sold by the foot. PLEASE NOTE:

Vinyl Curtain Strips 0.60″ x 6″ for Strip Doors (Foot Price)

These heavy duty Vinyl Curtain Strips are perfect for strip doors.  The material measures 0.60″ thick x 6″ wide.  Sold

Greenhouse Poly Sealer

Hand held greenhouse poly sealer, 110 volt, 25 watt. For welding 2-layer curtain poly.

Woven Curtain Fabric

Reinforced woven polyethylene 4.7 oz. (160 gsm). 87% light transmission. Sold by linear foot. Available in 6′, 8′ and 13′