We offer greenhouse heaters that integrate with our controllers. If you have questions about setting up your automated greenhouse with out heaters, please let us know.

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Ken-Bar Agritape Heat Mats

These Ken-Bar Agritape Heat Mats are an excellent solution for seed propagation in your greenhouse.  These grow mats warm soil

Agritape Heat Mat Thermostat Controllers

These Agritape Heat Mat Thermostat Controllers keep your soil temperature regulated to a specific thermostatically controlled setting.  Includes control unit

Modine Hot Dawg Greenhouse Heater

The Modine Hot Dawg heater is great for applications requiring a low profile unit. The Hot Dawg may be installed

Modine Effinity 93 Heater

The Modine Effinity 93 series condensing unit heater offers the highest efficiency available in North America for commercial or industrial

Modine PTP Heater

The Modine PTP heater line is a horizontal power vented heater. The PTP delivers 80% thermal efficiency in a small

Modine PDP Greenhouse Heater

The Modine PDP gas-fired unit heaters feature a blower-powered vent exhaust. This vent forces heater exhaust fumes outside of the