Fertilizer injectors and portable cart systems.

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Dramm Syphonject

Dramm Syphonject will fertilize while you water. Easy setup garden hose connection. Average rate is 20:1. Requires 35 psi at

Dosatron Fertilizer Injectors

The Dosatron Fertilizer Injectors are a great solution for long life, water powered, fertilizer injectors.  For over 35 years, Dosatron

On/Off Handle for SuperDos 20 Fertilizer Injector

On/off handle for DSD20 SuperDos 20 Fertilizer Injector.

Dosmatic SuperDos Fertilizer Injectors

The Dosmatic SuperDos Fertilizer Injectors feature an adjustable injection ration of 1:40 – 1:500.  The ratio you set remains constant

Portable Fertilizer Injector Carts

Our portable fertilizer injector carts are an all-in-one solution for fertilizer injection.  Each cart includes the following: fertilizer injector, bypass

Bypass Assembly for Fertilizer Injectors

These Bypass Assemblies for Fertilizer Injectors offer you the ability to quickly and easily bypass the fertilizer injector when you

Chemilizer Fertilizer Injector 1:100 11GPM

This Chemilizer Fertilizer Injector has a fixed 1:100 ratio.  Great unit for even low flow capabilities of 0.02 to 11gpm.