With our solar greenhouse controllers you can turn the same energy that warms your greenhouse into the energy that cools it. Harness the sun’s rays to power your curtain ventilation system. For greenhouses that have no access to conventional electricity or for those wanting the highest level of energy efficiency.

Reliability should be the cornerstone of any automated ventilation system. Trusting the health of your crop to automation requires a high level of confidence in your system’s components — most importantly, the ventilation controller. Your climate controller allows you to set desired temperature points, run time for motors, idle time between stages, temperature differentials and a low temperature alert point — all crucial components to the operation of your greenhouse growing.

All-In-One Climate Controllers

Whether you’re flipping a switch, or utilizing the benefits from automated ventilation control, managing your 24VDC ventilation system is effortless.

Our solar controllers are designed to meet the unique challenges of off grid greenhouse ventilation and allow you to control either two or four ventilation roll-up curtain..

With a thermostatic controller, you can program adjustable open and close temperatures for your ventilation curtains, open and close in increments, and set adjustable idle times between curtain movements. Humidity, Rain, Wind and Manual overrides are available on most of our environmental controllers.

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VCU2-24 Solar

Thermostatic management of sidewall ventilation with solar is the ultimate greenhouse management tool. Grow your plants with ventilation derived from

Aegistec+ Dual Zone Solar Greenhouse Controller

The Aegistec+ Solar Greenhouse Controller offers thermostatic management of sidewall ventilation is the ultimate greenhouse management tool. Grow your plants

Aegistec Solar Greenhouse Controller

Greenhouse growing doesn’t get more natural! Here’s thermostatic management of your ventilation by solar power.  The Aegistec Solar Greenhouse Controller

Battery, AGM, 105 Amp Hr

Battery, AGM Style, (Absorbed Glass Matt, Sealed) 12 volts, 105 AH, Dual Terminal