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EC Calibration Solution 20ml 1000PPM – 20 Pack

A 20 Pack of 20ml 1000PPM EC Calibration Solution.  Calibrate your EC monitor whenever needed with this 20 pack of

COM-100 Professional EC Water Meter

The COM-100 Professional EC Water Meter is designed for convenient accurate EC and TDS measurements.  This portable, waterproof meter features

COM-80 Portable EC Water Meter

The COM-80 Portable EC Water Meter is a portable, economical solution for accurate testing of EC or TDS.  This meter

7.0 pH Meter Buffer Solution 20ml – 20 Pack

A 20 pack of 7.0 pH Meter Buffer Solution, 20ml per packet.

pH Meter Storage Solution 2oz

Protect the life and accuracy of your pH meter with this 2oz bottle of pH Meter Storage Solution.  Prevent destruction

PH-200 Professional PH Meter

The PH-200 Professional PH Meter is accurate to 0.02 pH.  A portable, waterproof pH meter you can rely on for