How high should I make my curtain on a free standing structure?

With the exception of the length of the guide-pipe, you are paying by the linear foot, not height. While it isn’t required to open the curtain to the maximum setting, having the ability to raise the curtain 6’ high during warm months for cleaning is beneficial. With 6′ high openings, the inside temperature can usually stands within 1 degree of the outside temperature on a 17′ wide house, within 2 degrees on a 24′ wide house, and within 3 degrees on a 30′ wide house. Please note the temperatures in the peak will be higher, but the flow of air will help keep it cooler than if the openings were closed.

Does natural ventilation cool a structure better than fans and intake shutters?

During hot, summer days, shutters and fans will run 12-24 hours a day, attempting to maintain a cool environment. A normal hoop-house may run 2 fans using 16 to 18 amps of power continuously for cooling.

Roll up sides set at 6’ high for natural ventilation will only require running 2 small motors at about 3 amps each for about 10 minutes throughout an entire day. If the entire side of your greenhouse is open for natural ventilation and the wind speed is at 1 MPH, it will take 17 seconds for the air to breeze across a 24′ wide house, and 21 seconds to flow through a 30′ wide house. At wind speeds of 3 MPH, the air will go across the same 24′ house in less than 6 seconds.

What is the difference between a VCU2/24, CIB, and SRTB?

VCU — A controller that automates ventilation and heating thermostatically with low voltage motors

CIB — A controller interface box that houses transformers, diodes, and relays required to allow low voltage motors to interface with a third party controller

SRTB — A manual 110V AC input, 24V DC output switch box for non-automated curtain opening

Can I use my current 110V controller if I switch to using low voltage motors?

Yes, you can. However, you will need to purchase a CIB (Controller Interface Box) that includes transformers, diodes, and relays needed to allow the low voltage motors to interface with your current controller.

Will your 7:1 manual crank with adapter roll up from ground to ridge?

We wouldn’t recommend using the 7:1 gear on a ground to peak roll up since they are specifically designed for rolling 500 square feet of poly.

My two buildings are 85’ x 30’ and the ridge is 15’ high. My roll up bar is 1.3” OD and the guide bar is 1″ OD. Will your crank adapter fit on that?

The 7:1 manual crank with adapter’s guide wheel set is designed for a 1.315” OD guide pipe. Using a 1” guide pipe will cause the gear crank to bind as you roll the curtain up. The adapter included on the quote is designed to fit a 1.315” OD x 16 gauge pipe. It should fit your roll bar, but we cannot make any promises.

Do I need guide posts and rollers on the sides of my house where motors are not present?

You don’t need anything at the opposite end of the motors. The fabric attachment and properly installed roll bar do all the work. There is only one operator per roll-up side.

Do you offer a unit or system with an incremental controller that rolls the sides up or down based on temperature?

Yes, we have multiple controllers that are thermostatically automated and have the ability to roll up and down incrementally. The increments are based on the run and idle time that are set on the controller. Please provide us with your curtain’s length, height, and roll bar details via our contact form so we can recommend a motor that’s sized best for your needs.

Do you offer a light deprivation controller that can raise the sides 12-14’ on a house with a greenhouse-shaped frame?

Yes, our light dep controller can do that for you. If able, please send us pictures of your structure via our online contact form so we can ensure that you receive the best products for your house.

My 24V DC side curtain motor is only bringing the curtain to within a foot of closing, and the motor will only work with motor-1 wires brown-left and blue-right. Do I need a replacement?

There may be a limit switch issue causing the motor to stop within a foot of closing. Refer to the limit switch instructions and our video on how to set switches in order to troubleshoot the motor’s issues. Please contact us if troubleshooting doesn’t work.

Do you offer products that can help me automate my roll up sides? Do the products have low electricity requirements and would I have the ability to override settings due to weather?

It sounds like you could benefit from our AegisTEC controller. It utilizes 12 or 24 volts of electricity to supply our curtain motors with 24V DC power, and would allow you to automatically control your curtain by sensor or time. You would also be able to override those outputs when wind, rain, or humidity becomes a concern.

We can provide individual portions of a system or a full solar ventilation system package that includes a solar panel, mounting components, a battery, wire, motors, and a controller. If either of these options interest you, please use the contact form to provide us with details about your existing ventilation curtains. This will allow us to recommend products best suited for you.