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Advancing Alternatives greenhouse gloves offers a solution to all your gardening and outdoor needs in a variety of stylish colors and designs.

With MICROFINISH® coating technology, all TOWA® gloves deliver performance and safety. MICROFINISH® is widely recognized throughout the industry and around the world for its grip performance. Our line of gloves includes styles appropriate for durable work, a sensitive touch, and even the littlest backyard helpers.

Men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes are available.

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Towa WithGarden Soft n Care Gloves

Original price was: $6.00.Current price is: $4.80.
Flora: The colorful and stylish Flora is suitable for delicate work such as planting small pots, watering plants and fruit

Towa WithGarden Soft n Tough Gloves

Original: These  Soft n Tough gloves are perfect for heavy gardening work as well as do-it-yourself projects. A 10-guage seamless

Towa WithGarden Luminus Premium Gloves

Original price was: $8.00.Current price is: $6.40.
Beautifully designed gloves for doing the work you love! MicroFinish® – Ultimate coating technology promises unparalleled grip performance on virtually

Towa WithGarden Kids Gloves

Original price was: $6.00.Current price is: $4.80.
The cute and stylish WithGarden® KIDS gloves are covered with natural rubber. They are soft and fit children’s hands perfectly.

Towa ActivGrip Gloves

ActivGrip™: Specifically designed to provide maximum “all-around” performance on slippery grip applications in non-hazardous chemical environments. A soft yet durable

Towa PowerGrab Gloves

PowerGrab® Plus: The revolutionary MicroFinish promises outstanding wet and dry handling. The thumb of PowerGrab® Plus series is fully coated