Our family of greenhouse sprayers are designed to promote the protection and health of your plants, whether in the greenhouse or around the home. A wide range of models with varying capacity allows you to match the sprayer to the specific needs of your task.

For small volume but big potential, we offer the MERCURY and VENUS SUPER 360° family of manual sprayers. In sizes .5L, 1.0L, 1.5L and 2.0L, they are ideal for use in your home and garden, as well as in the greenhouse.

Our ORION series of practical, professional, and reliable compression sprayers features tank capacity ranging from 3.0L to 12.0L. These are ideal for orchards and horticulture, including greenhouse cultivation, decorative plant nurseries, forest plantations, and other nurseries.

For Larger jobs go with our NEPTUNE 15L backpack sprayer. With a pressure gauge, extendable wand, and left or right hand pump action it is the right choice for large jobs.

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Kwazar Vega 9 Liter Sprayer

Original price was: $265.00.Current price is: $198.75.
Kwazar Vega 9 liter Bleaching Sprayer. Perfect for lime solutions, paint emulsions, greenhouse shading, and disinfectants. Comes with carrying strap

Kwazar XI6 6 Liter Sprayer

A tough Kwazar pump sprayer designed for the jobs that involve chemical use. A lance, a shoulder strap, and 2

Mercury Sprayer

Coming in 0.5L and 1.0L tanks, Mercury sprayers are the smallest sprayers in the Garden Pro series. While small in

Venus Sprayer

Venus Super 360° sprayers come in 1.0L, 1.5L, and 2.0L capacities. They’re ideal for home, garden, and greenhouse use. The

Orion Sprayer

Orion Super sprayers are practical, professional, and reliable compression sprayers. They feature tank capacities ranging from 3.0L to 12.0L to

Neptune Sprayer

Have a large job? Use our Neptune Super knapsack sprayer to easily get it done. Neptune sprayers have a 15L

Kwazaar Venus O-Ring Replacement Kit

Easily perform routine maintenance and your Venus sprayer will last for years! This kit includes the most important seals necessary

Articulated Tip Replacement for Kwazar Venus Super 360 Sprayer

This articulate tip replacement is for the Venus 360 series of Kwazar sprayers.  The adjustable tip allows the user to

Venus Mini Wand

The Venus Mini Wand is 18cm long. Designed to help access places and parts of plants that are difficult to

Kwazar Wand Trigger With Pressure Gauge

Kwazar Wand Trigger With Pressure Gauge for Orion and Neptune Sprayers This replacement trigger is equipped with a pressure gauge

Kwazar Telescopic Wand for Orion and Neptune Models (24″ to 47″)

This replacement wand is for the Orion or Neptune model sprayer trigger. It allows for smooth length adjustment from 24″