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Greenhouse Wind Sensor

This greenhouse wind sensor anemometer is made for use with our AegisTEC line of environmental controllers. Enables high wind overrides

Controller Sensor Bundle – Humidity, Rain, Wind

This bundle contains one of each of 46-Humid, 46-RS and 46-Wind.  Save money when purchased together! *Double check the compatibility

Temperature Sensor for Greenhouse Controller

Ventilation control greenhouse temperature sensor. For use with all Advancing Alternatives environmental controllers purchased 2010 or later. Choose from 100′

Light Dep Controller – CLD-2MO

We have designed the CLD-2MO timed light dep controller to allow our customers to fully automate their light deprivation systems.

Battery, AGM, 105 Amp Hr

Battery, AGM Style, (Absorbed Glass Matt, Sealed) 12 volts, 105 AH, Dual Terminal