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Light Deprivation Greenhouse Systems for Hemp Growers

light deprivation greenhouse

In part one, we talked about some of the rules and regulations growers should be aware of when entering the hemp growing space. In part two, we look at the components needed to build a light deprivation greenhouse for growing hemp, i.e., light deprivation systems, low voltage motors and controllers).

As prospective hemp growers scramble to understand and keep up with changing regulations on the state and national levels, one thing they can rely on is Advancing Alternatives’ expertise in greenhouse components, including light deprivation greenhouses, natural ventilation, and automated controls. After all, we’ve been perfecting our greenhouse components and responding to the changing needs of growers for over 20 years.  You have enough challenges in this new market; let us reliably ensure that your light deprivation greenhouse is properly maintained and that cooling, heating, and light deprivation systems are automatically working in harmony.

Light deprivation greenhouse systems

Like growing a crop of mums or poinsettias, hemp plants grown for the buds and flowers for CBD production are photoperiodic and have a requirement of 12 hours of darkness to advance to the flowering stage.

Advancing Alternatives has developed an automated external light deprivation system to accommodate growers of photoperiodic plants like hemp. Designed for freestanding greenhouses, the external system provides a much better value than the internal systems some companies offer.

An external light deprivation system is superior in its simplicity. Fewer parts and moving pieces reduces the risk of malfunction and cost of installation. An internal system, i.e., curtains hung on the inside of a greenhouse, also takes up precious space, increases shadowing, and can limit what you can do with your lights. All can be critical in a hemp growing situation.

One of the significant features of our light deprivation systems is a two-layer, inflated perimeter light seal that creates an air “pillow” adding pressure to the curtain, assuring total darkness within the greenhouse. It also comes with an internally-spliced, 2” diameter roll bar that helps to reduce droops and shadows. Our easy-to-program AegisTEC line of touchscreen controllers will coordinate light deprivation with other heating and cooling systems.

Other features of our light deprivation system include:

  • An aluminum roll bar with integrated Zig-Zag Wire channel or Keder channels
  • Fabric locking aluminum profiles
  • Double-tempered Zig-Zag wire inserts
  • A black/white 9.5 oz. or 16 oz. blackout fabric (available, optional)
  • Wind control and optional end wall panels
  • Motorized operator – automated or manual switch
  • Timed-only or thermostatic integration

Low voltage motors, drives and controllers

An automated light deprivation greenhouse is only as good as the motors and controllers that power the system.  Advancing Alternatives’ low voltage motors provide the torque to drive ventilation, shade, and yes, light deprivation systems. These motors are compact, quiet and lightweight with multiple roll bar diameter adapters.

The CLD-2 MO enables timed control of 24V DC motors. This technology is perfect for light deprivation systems as it supplies enough power for the largest curtain motors and features multiple phase light dep scheduling with manual overrides.

Here are the specs on the 180 NM low voltage motor:

  • Voltage: 24 Volt
  • Amp:     8.3
  • Watt:   200
  • Output Speed: 4.5 RPM
  • Output Torque: 180 NM
  • Roll Bar Style: 1.315”/1.66”/SCRB/Keder
  • Shaft Output: Single
  • Shaft Diameter: 22MM

Environmental controllers

Tying it all together is our state-of-the-art environmental controls. The AegisTEC Plus touchscreen controller will ensure that everything is running smoothly, freeing up your time to do the many things that go into growing a successful crop of hemp.

This system does it all.  

“We can not only control the timed systems (light deprivation and supplemental system) but, also the temperature and humidity” says Matt Krum, Strategic Account Manager for Advancing Alternatives.

The AegisTEC Plus is your all-in-one solution for environmental controls in the greenhouse with the following features:

  • User-friendly touchscreen interface
  • Single or dual-zone thermostatic control
  • Timed overrides for DIF growing and light deprivation
  • Independent manual override
  • Optional wind, rain, and humidity overrides
  • Easy to set up and program

In addition, Advancing Alternatives will provide customized solutions tailored to your specific greenhouse needs. “We’ll work with growers to put together a controller based on an existing greenhouse and its systems that are being repurposed for hemp,” says Krum. “It speaks to how responsive we are to the needs of the growers.”

Hemp may be the “new kid in town,” but Advancing Alternatives has been around the block, serving small to medium-sized growers for over two decades. We are well known in the industry and have built a reputation for service, innovation, and quality workmanship. We do for light deprivation and natural ventilation technology what Apple has done for smartphones.

“What we bring to light deprivation is the experience of over 20 years of curtain innovation. We’re dedicated to it, as always” says Krum.

For more information on a light deprivation greenhouse system to fit your needs, contact Advancing Alternatives today at 877-546-2257 or visit their website.

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