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AegisTEC+ Greenhouse Controller

Single or Dual zone option, touchscreen, thermostatic / timed management with heating and cooling outputs Sensor information can be found below, under "Features"

VCU2-24 Environmental Controller

The VCU 2-24 Environmental Controller is a single zone, thermostatic controller for greenhouse heating and cooling. Featuring a user friendly

Compression Adapter, Spigot Pack of 10

10 pack of Compression Adapter Spigots. Assemble your own compression fittings, and works with Sch40 fittings. 1/2″ and 3/4″ sizes

Fogg-It-Watering Nozzle

Perfect for watering delicates such as Orchids or seedlings. Available in 1 and 2 gpm. A great way to boost

Crank Handles

Crank Handles & Drill Cranks, with hook for loop input gears: 7:1, 13:1, and 15:1

18″ Greenhouse Horizontal Air Fan

18″ Greenhouse Horizontal Air Fan made by American Cool Air. Made with heavy gauge galvanized steel motor mounts, fan guards

Toro Blue Line Drip Irrigation

The Toro Blue Line Drip Irrigation is an 18mm (1/2″) Orchard Tubing with Built-In Emitters This product features a unique,