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Drip Irrigation Hole Punch Tool

Easy Punch Drip Irrigation Hole Punch Tool, punches 1/2″ and 3/4″ drip tube (orchard tubing). Remove blue insert when punching

Drip Irrigation Spider Assemblies – 10 Pack

Four outlet “Spider” Assembly commonly used for potted plants. Has straight stakes which allows for easy removal from established plants.

Faceplate Replacement for Wonder Waterer

Faceplate replacement for the Wonder Waterer wand. Creates gentle water pattern that is perfect for seedlings.

Filter Case for Wonder Waterer

Replacement Handle Filter Case for Wonder Waterer.

Fogg-It-Watering Nozzle

Perfect for watering delicates such as Orchids or seedlings. Available in 1 and 2 gpm. A great way to boost

Gilmour Insulated Pistol Grip Nozzle

Gilmour Insulated Pistol Grip Nozzle with heavy-duty zinc body, male hosed threaded front.

NaanDan Jain Greenhouse Fogger System – 5 Pack

Performance Micro-Sprinklers and Sprayers, typically used for propagation, cooling and humidification in greenhouses. Recommended Pressure: 55-60 PSI.

Netafim Hanging Basket Dripper Weight

These Netafim Pot Drippers have a 0ne hand easy shut off for individual baskets to prevent water and fertilizer spillage

Netafim Hanging Basket Dripper Weight Only – 10 Pack

Weight/Shutoff only, compatible with Netafim Pot Drippers. Pack of 10.  

Netafim Pressure Compensating Drip Emitters- 10 Pack

These can be punched into orchard tubing and are used in vineyards, orchards, as well as nurseries and greenhouses. Anti-drain

Orbit Fan Spray Nozzle

Orbit Fan Spray Nozzle high quality plastic nozzle. Flow is easily adjusted with shut off valve.