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Hangers for Side Clasp Roll Bar – Installation Aid

Side Clasp Hangers to fit over 2x baseboard (for installing 2″ OD Side Clasp Roll Bar) set of 9 hangers

Greenhouse Roll Pipe Baseboard Deflector

Greenhouse Roll Pipe Baseboard Deflector, stainless steel, 45 degree angle to deflect roll bar to roll over and down the

Greenhouse Inflation Blower Kit – 60CFM

This 60CFM greenhouse inflation blower kit is powerful enough to inflate double poly on up to a 5000 square foot

Greenhouse Inflation Blower Kit – 148CFM

This powerful 148 CFM greenhouse poly inflation blower kit is for use on greenhouse roofs over 5000 square feet.  Easily

Sealed Sidewall Curtain Inflation Kit

Prevent air leaks with our sealed sidewall curtain inflation kit. Includes 60 CFM inflation blower kit for thermal sealed curtain

Greenhouse Poly Inflation Jumper Hose

Inflation jumper hose with twist couplings, for inflating greenhouse roofs, side and end wall poly.  Choose from 24″, 48″, and

Water Bottle – Advancing Alternatives

Try out our Advancing Alternatives water bottle.

Greenhouse Inflation Relief Valve

Inflation relief valve includes poly adapter and regulator with a 14′ poly tube. Used with double poly side wall and

Roll Pipe Hangers for Center Curtain Bar – Installation Aid

Roll Pipe Hangers, “J” shape for center curtain bar, (for installing 1.315″ OD pipe as roll bar) set of 9

Roll Pipe Hangers Installation Aid

Roll Pipe Hangers to fit over 2x baseboard (for installing 1.315″ OD pipe as roll bar), set of 9 hangers

12v Solar Greenhouse Inflation Roof Blower Kit – 80CFM

Our solar greenhouse inflation blower kit is perfect for solar or other 12 volt DC applications.  This is a “thin