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Plastic Greenhouse Bench Tops – 5 Pack

Our Plastic Greenhouse Bench Tops an easy to install, long lasting solution for your greenhouse benches.  Made of durable and

Tek Screw

Tek screws with hex washer head, 410 stainless steel

Open/Closed Eye Bolt for Greenhouses

Open/closed eye bolt options for various uses in your greenhouse. Whether it’s for hanging guide pipe or threading wind rope

L Bracket for Greenhouse Construction

“L” Bracket, 3″ Wide x 2″ leg x 2″ leg x 1/8″ thick used for greenhouse construction

Strapping Clamp 50mm pipe to 2″ scrb

Strapping clamp assembly 2 pc. for 50 mm pipe to 2″ scrb, special order for haygrove

Blackout Perimeter Seal Curtain (Per Foot)

Reinforced Black Out Vinyl, 9.5 oz, 9 mil, 9×9 weave, 6′ wide – sold by linear feet – fabric is

8mil, 6.75′ Wide Light Dep Blackout Curtain (Foot Price)

Light Dep Blackout Curtain 8mil reinforced polyethylene – 6.75′ – black/white light deprivation cover.  Sold by the foot. PLEASE NOTE: