Advancing Alternative’s vent drive accessories include motor adapters, guide pipes, hardware and all the items that make your roll up curtain work seamlessly. Below are our top items that assist you in creating a perfectly functioning roll up curtain.

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Crank Handles

Crank Handles & Drill Cranks, with hook for loop input gears: 7:1, 13:1, and 15:1

Roll Bar Adapters

Roll Bar Adapters that provide the means to couple your roll bar to the gear crank or motor of your

Gear Loop Replacement

Replacement Gear Loops for 7:1, 13:1, and 15:1

Guide Pipe Hardware

Guide Pipe Hardware Assembly for securing guide pipe to structure or guide pipe extension; bolts, nuts, chain links

4′ Guide Pipe Extension

Guide pipe extension, 4′ mounting post (improves guide pipe orientation on structures with curved sidewalls)

Low Voltage Limit Switch

Limit Switch Assembly for Low Voltage Motors Required for all Roll Lock Curtain and Rack & Pinion installations Required to

Low Voltage Cable Guide 6′

Low Voltage Cable Guide, cable carrier to protect Low Voltage motor wires. Sold as 6′ section, includes one mounting clip.

Telescoping Arm for Greenhouse Motor

8′ telescoping arm for a 60 NM or 100 NM motor – includes 2″ x 8′ ground post and hardware