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Wiring a “CIB” Motor Control Box

Advancing Alternatives “CIB” interface boxes contain an internal power supply for 24 V DC power to low voltage ventilation motors. They are equipped to interface with Advancing Alternative controllers to offer expanded or augmented motor control functionality.

Motor Connections

The CIB interface boxes are equipped with DC output terminals to connect to motors.  The connection is simple, with one pair of terminals for each motor. Each pair of output terminals switches polarity to run the respective motor in two directions to open and close vents.

Remote Control Interface

The CIB circuitry has a “+24 V OUT” terminal to be connected to a wire sending +24 V to the controller. The controller controls the motor functions through the CIB unit by returning the 24 V back to the CIB remote control terminals to operate CIB relays that send power to the motors through the CIB output terminals.

A representative electrical schematic is shown for the interface connections between the CIB and the controller for two motor channels. Additional motor channels are connected in the same way. Only one 24 V output from the CIB to the controller is needed even if there is more than one motor channel. Specific terminal assignments on the controller are dependent on controller configuration.

Note: The relays in the controller must be configured as dry-contact relays. For the Aegis TEC+ this is accomplished by separating the motor connector bus bars for the respective relays as shown in the controller manual.

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